“He’s mad! But everything he says comes from practical knowledge and expertise in running businesses not just his research, and it just makes sense. You simply cannot afford to ignore this man’s message.”

Mick D. Rogers, Airbus

“Paul’s work with businesses is extraordinary and challenges the status quo. That’s why we wanted to capture the process in a series of thought-provoking documentaries.”

Gemma Collins, Producer, BBC

“Paul’s work is real-life change in companies which does not come from books. His theories are practice and as a result he is a first class speaker and lecturer, captivating audiences with his inspirational messages and charismatic delivery.”

Alison Niederkorn, CALNet, Kellogg Business School, USA

“Since the 1990’s I’ve worked with some of the best people and organisations – Santa Fe Institute, MIT, National Defense University, Alidade Institute – on translating the sciences of complexity into practical leadership for military and civilian organisations. Paul’s deep insights, boundless energy, warm sense of humour make him among the top 3 breakthrough leaders I have met and worked with throughout my military and civilian career.”

Dan Moore, Director, International Air Defense, Raytheon Missile Systems

“Paul pushes the boundaries of what is possible in business leadership in an uncomfortable, yet necessary way.  He is a true visionary, deconstructing old paradigms that no longer serve us while setting a new precedence for what a true leader in the 21st century is being called to do.”

Kat Kim, CPC, ACE. Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author – Seattle, WA