I’ve spent many hours researching and writing about leadership and the issues facing the 21st century workforce. Crucially I’ve also spent years working with businesses, large and small, on the ground, across the globe, at all levels, across multiple industries, on how to improve the way they work and getting the best engagement from their people.

I was the subject of six BBC TV documentaries in which the cameras followed my work with an organisation as I advised them on changing their traditional structure, procedures and leadership with the aim of improving efficiency and cost-savings. The result is that they were able to transform into a modern, engaged, passion-led organisation, with a committed workforce. I’ve also appeared extensively on radio and as a guest speaker at numerous events and conferences.

My work has taken me from Bangor to London, from China to the US, and has included senior positions and advisory roles at prestigious universities and global organisations. If you’d like to know more about my credentials take a look here.

Published books

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‘Reinventing Leadership’ 2015

‘Leadership from the Frontlines: The Battle with Management BBC Publication (coincided with BBC Documentary Series – ‘Ban the Boss’) 2013/2014

I’ve also contributed to many articles and features over the years.

I love work, life, training and human change. I believe in a truly democratic workplace that focuses on talent not time when it comes to employee contribution.

Join me and help bring about the change that will revolutionise the way we see and perform work.

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