Board fit for purpose

During my time at Sport Wales I came to the conclusion that there is a compelling case to change both the structure and make-up of the Board. Continuing times of austerity, a need for a more strategic approach regarding delivery of Sport Wales’ services, and a greater need for innovation and critical thinking around organisation evolution, all mean that the current Board is neither agile enough or equipped with the right skills to deliver what is needed.

I also believe that the rates of pay and the financial commitment allocated to the running of the Board, are not justified, and I was disappointed to see recently that new members are being sought with the same levels of financial reward offered.

In the spirit of transparency and public interest, as always, I’m attaching my recommendations which were previously submitted to Sport Wales, regarding what a new Board should look like and how it should operate. Included are details of the current set-up, functions and 2015/2016 remuneration.


Board Reform

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  1. Brian Makusha says:

    Read this with much interest! I think the points raised are worth consideration and reform is always a hard thing. I agree with the need to transform the way work works to deliver purpose and that this by all means should start at Board Level. Every level must be value adding.
    Perhaps another independent report is due on the Public Sectors’ Boards alignment and effectiveness in delivering purpose?


    1. Agree! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Brian. Paul


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