Important Independent Research

I’ve referred previously to the independent research that was conducted prior to my Sport Wales Chair’s Review, by Bright Purpose, and below are the files that detail what this research included, how it was conducted, and the findings. These are the exact files presented to the Board in September and again in October and were one of the key reasons why they placed a vote of no confidence in me as Chair. Which is significant and revealing for the following reasons:

1. Bright Purpose is a wholly independent research company based in Scotland. Unlike the engagement research company Beaufort Research, commissioned by Sport Wales in 2013, Bright Purpose has no connection to the Board or Chair.

2. One Board member wrote to the Company stating that this research was ‘politically motivated’. Yet it had the same methodology and methods used as the ‘accepted’ 2013 research. The only difference was point one above, and point three, below.

3. The Chair, Panel and Executive had no input into the questions, data, selected respondents or analysis of the research. Unlike the 2013 research, we did not see the results until they were presented to the Independent Panel in September.

4. Bright Purpose received, despite Board predictions to the contrary, a fast response rate to the survey and the participation of a large number of contributors.

The purpose of the research was to:

  • Gather feedback from stakeholders to inform the Chair’s Review, but remain independent to the Review
  • Ensure a wide range of stakeholders’ voices could be heard
  • Look beyond effectiveness, to consider Sport Wales’ public value and contribution, and how this can be further developed

To that end, a survey was submitted to a range of stakeholders and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 20 key stakeholders from across the sectors, but at a strategic level.

It’s important to remember that the survey and interviews were conducted with people who have been supported by, had some dealings with, or partnered with Sport Wales, which makes most of the responses that bit more shocking and revealing.

These documents are primarily in Powerpoint file format, so they are easy to follow and also to see the various charts that highlight the significant variable feedback and the split amongst key audience findings and analysis.

As always let me know if you have any thoughts or insights of your own to share.

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