The Road to an Active & Sporting Nation

Following on from my recent sharing of the official Sport Wales Chair Review, that I submitted to Sport Wales and Welsh Government last year, I thought it would be useful and make sense to share with you the research, information and feedback from stakeholders, and the findings that led to my Review in the first place.
The attached document is a more in-depth commentary and report, which precluded and informed the Review. It includes comments from the public, employees, stakeholders and NGB’s along with, more importantly, the findings of the Independent Panel. This Panel as many of you know was selected by the CEO, Board and approved by the Minister.
The Review or any of my actions to date were NOT and remain absolutely NOT about breaking up Sport Wales, re-branding it or reducing it’s form. Indeed, as far as I am concerned, the first two would be a waste of even more resources, resources that should be devoted to the frontline of sport and physical activity. In terms of its ‘form and structure’, this is the crucial element, and the one that met most resistance from within Sport Wales. 
Sport Wales, as a new, reformed, modernised and outcome led organisation, must ensure it uses its position, skills and resources to bring together stakeholders and partners, new and old, to not only produce sporting success we can all be proud of but to also create a healthier and sustainable nation.
I really hope that by providing this important and significant information, to the people who have funded it, that we can all play a role in what happens next for Wales, sport and the creation of a more active and healthy nation, for now and the future. I truly wish Sport Wales a long and successful future, and even now would still welcome a conversation with the new Chair and Independent Panel, to help in any way possible. Seven months of research, as presented via this post, shouldn’t be wasted regardless. 
Its also worth noting that some of this research never reached the final draft Chair Review for the simple reason that the comments started to suggest operational changes, not strategic ones, which, given the passion seen throughout Wales, was an easy mistake. The Chair Review, and I was adamant on this point, would suggest strategic intent only, and then leave the ‘how’ operational part to the frontline staff and stakeholders, to suggest the way forward in details.
As always, I welcome and encourage your thoughts and feedback. It’s a long one but worth the read.

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